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Witches & Wiccan Study Group, Asia

In my last entry I mentioned that I had a personal project pending.

That project is to start a Witches/Wiccan Study Group for witches in Hong Kong.

I  was able to find a couple of people in WitchVox that was still active, and they were interested in starting a study group with me. I tried contacting some of the existing groups that were listed on WitchVox, but it seems that they have become inactive a long time ago.

As such, I decided to create my own study group and invited some of the people I found to be interested to join. Witches & Wiccan Circle - Asia is a Yahoo!Group and Asian Witches & Wiccan Circle is a facebook group linked to the Yahoo!Group.

I want to encourage the study of Wicca in Hong Kong. I can see from my own searches that some people have tried and have failed. I, myself, have been discouraged when I found that people weren't flocking to my study group. But when I realized that I have somehow turned the project into my own vanity trip I told myself that the creation of the study group wasn't to make me feel powerful; the group is to help anyone who is interested in Wicca.

The idea of a nature-based religion seems very alien in Hong Kong. I hope that by creating a presence online,  I would be able to help one more fledging Witch to find the information he/she need to support her study of the Craft.

I think that my being able to put myself back on track (after my misplaced vanity) is a personal growth of sorts.

Full Moon Celebration

So on Tuesday was my first formal Full Moon Celebration in Hong Kong.

I joined a group organized by Jennie Leung who celebrates the Full Moon each month in synchronicity with other groups around the world. They weren't wiccan, rather they were a mixed group of people with different beliefs, but the goal was the same - to celebrate the Full Moon.

Meditation was the key activity to the celebration, along with tarot/angel card readings. The celebration was conducted at The World Tree, an esoteric centre in Mongkok, which is good; it's close to my house and I intend to put it on my map of esoteric places in Hong Kong.

At the end of the session, we each fork out some money to be donated to a local/non-local charity. This month, the money goes to the Medecins Sans Frontieres.

I think this is good exercise to keep me on track with my spiritual studies.

I've also got a personal project related to the Craft that I'm currently planning. I'll see what happens with it first before writing about it.

First Post

I've been in Hong Kong for two years now, and I must admit that I've really let my Craft-study lag.

Yes, I have my altar set up.
Yes, I have my selection of herbs and oils (after being in Hong Kong for a year).
Yes, I have my books (limited amount).

But really I have not been networking in terms of the Craft; I didn't find any fellow-Craft-workers, or related groups. I didn't think there would be much of a Witchcraft-presence in Hong Kong.

I've also missed more than my share of the Sabbats, not to mention the Full Moon Celebrations.

However, I was searching Witches' Voice the other day and found that there were a few groups based in Hong Kong, as well quite a few individuals. Some have entries dating back to two years ago (this goes to show I so did not know how to use Witches' Voice in the past).

So I've contacted some people and I'll see how it goes from there.

This is a record of my experiences as a Witch in Hong Kong.


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If you're a witch or wiccan in the Asia area or would like to contact witches in the Asia area, join the "Witches & Wiccan Circle - Asia".

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