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4th October 2007

Witches & Wiccan Study Group, Asia

In my last entry I mentioned that I had a personal project pending.

That project is to start a Witches/Wiccan Study Group for witches in Hong Kong.

I  was able to find a couple of people in WitchVox that was still active, and they were interested in starting a study group with me. I tried contacting some of the existing groups that were listed on WitchVox, but it seems that they have become inactive a long time ago.

As such, I decided to create my own study group and invited some of the people I found to be interested to join. Witches & Wiccan Circle - Asia is a Yahoo!Group and Asian Witches & Wiccan Circle is a facebook group linked to the Yahoo!Group.

I want to encourage the study of Wicca in Hong Kong. I can see from my own searches that some people have tried and have failed. I, myself, have been discouraged when I found that people weren't flocking to my study group. But when I realized that I have somehow turned the project into my own vanity trip I told myself that the creation of the study group wasn't to make me feel powerful; the group is to help anyone who is interested in Wicca.

The idea of a nature-based religion seems very alien in Hong Kong. I hope that by creating a presence online,  I would be able to help one more fledging Witch to find the information he/she need to support her study of the Craft.

I think that my being able to put myself back on track (after my misplaced vanity) is a personal growth of sorts.

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If you're a witch or wiccan in the Asia area or would like to contact witches in the Asia area, join the "Witches & Wiccan Circle - Asia".

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